Dedicated To Those Who Instilled In Me A Love Of Film

I am indebted to those who have kept me excited about the world of film.

My parents…
Who took me to see a lot of films; and who rented VHS players and 8mm/16mm film projectors and films for me:
Darrel & Linda Hundley

My college film professors…
Who inspired and provoked and critique and encouraged my study of film:
Virgil Grillo [Film Theory; Advisor]
Stan Brakhage [Documentary Film]
Marian Keane [Films of Alfred Hitchcock; History of Sound Film]
Bruce Kawin [History of Silent Film; Horror Film]
Lee Bridgers [Film Making]

Film Fanatic Friends…
Travis Else
Tucker Else
Joel Haertling
Susan Kerns
Dennis Haack
Luke Bobo

Publications Where My Rants About Film Have Appeared
Critique Magazine
Film Notes
The Kinetic Eye

Film Series and Movie Houses…
For providing venues to screen films and introduced me to new ways of seeing:
Waterloo Public Library Film Series (Waterloo, IA)
Crossroads Cinema (Waterloo, IA)
College Square Cinemas (Cedar Falls, IA)
Regent Theatre (Cedar Falls, IA)
Englert Theatre (Iowa City, IA)
Brattle Theatre (Boston, MA)
Berklee Film Nights (Boston, MA)
International Film Series (Boulder, CO)
First Person Cinema (Boulder, CO)
Fox Theatre (Boulder, CO)
Flatirons Theatre (Boulder, CO)
Boulder Library Film Series (Boulder, CO)
Boulder Art Theatre (Boulder, CO)
Mayan Theatre (Denver, CO)
Cherry Creek Movie Theatres (Denver, CO)
Wehrenberg Theatres (Saint Charles, MO)
Regal Cinemas (Saint Louis, MO)

Public Libraries…
And the librarians who stocked Janus, Criterion, Kino, Miramax, IFC, Film Movement and other great films:
Boulder Colorado Public Library
Cedar Falls Iowa Public Library
Denver Colorado Public Library
Madison Wisconsin Public Library
Monona Wisconsin Public Library
Saint Charles Missouri Public Library
Waterloo Iowa Public Library

Movie Rental Stores…
Once upon a time you had to go to these places to rent VHS and later DVDs:
Stars & Stripes Video (Cedar Falls, IA)
Black Hawk Films (Cedar Falls, IA)
Blockbuster (Cedar Falls, IA)
Family Video (Waterloo, IA)
Red Box (Saint Charles, MO)
The Video Station (Boulder, CO)
Hollywood Video (Boulder, CO)
Video Stork (Boulder, CO)
North Village Video (Boulder, CO)

Services Where I Stream Films…
Amazon Prime Video

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